How Smile Prospect supported Dr. Vesna Kaloh to become a Diamond provider.

Vesna Kaloh

Providers can belong to any of the tier levels, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum Elite, or Diamond, however, to becoming a Diamond provider means that your clinic will be much more profitable in this business.

Being a Diamond provider is necessary if you want to win over the trust of your customers. After all, customers are looking for someone experienced to work on their smile and aren’t likely to trust just anyone with something so important. By becoming a Diamond provider, you can show your clients that you have the knowledge and, most importantly, experience to perform the services they are looking for.   

Dr. Vesna Kaloh’s story

Dr. Vesna Kaloh is the owner of VBO and started her journey 3 years ago with her first scanner’s purchase. Getting the Invisalign® license and scanner proved to be a huge investment and finding new clients was a big challenge. After failing to see results with other marketing agencies, Dr. Vesna Kaloh came across Smile Prospect.

With Smile Prospect’s support, VBO received more than 100 clients in the first year itself, which is more than any other Invisalign® licensed clinic in the world has managed to do in the first year. VBO’s popularity among clients has boosted brand growth and made it a highly recognisable Invisalign® service provider. Their popularity has allowed them to continue being an Invisalign® Diamond provider for 2 years in a row. Smile Prospect services were critical in making that happen. Here’s how we supported Dr. Vesna Kaloh to become a 2 year running Invisalign Diamond provider.

A Diamond provider with Smile Prospect’s support

Let’s face it – Invisalign® service providers like Dr. Vesna Kaloh don’t come from a marketing background. While her Invisalign® services may have been excellent, targeting the right audience was crucial to bring in more patients to the clinic. Dr. Vesna Kaloh understood this and left the task of marketing up to Smile Prospect. Here’s how our services helped:

  • Location-based technology

We were able to seek out the right patients through our numerous digital channels and inventive location-based technology and engage with those who already had a need for the service in the location. This laid the foundation for connecting those already interested in the service with the VBO team.     

  • Targeted advertising under the brand name

We also ran targeted advertising under the VBO brand name, making it possible for potential patients to recognise the VBO brand more easily. With greater exposure through our targeted ads, VBO benefited from a larger client pool and increased brand awareness.

  • Real-time data delivery

The data gathered by our systems were delivered to the VBO team in real-time, meaning that they were notified as soon as a potential client showed interest in their services. We also handed over potential patients’ contact details so that the team could contact them for converting leads into new patients.

  • Tips from successful Diamond providers      

By supporting VBO with tips from successful Diamond providers, we aided Dr. Vesna Kaloh in making faster conversions of potential clients.

In conclusion, avoiding regional competition by offering exclusive services to VBO for their location also helped Dr. Vesna Kaloh to gain and maintain the Diamond provider status. With a 46% discount offered on each case for a Diamond provider like VBO, it has continued to remain profitable.             


Watch this video, where Dr. Vesna Kaloh is explaining her story and how Smile Prospect is supporting her to achieve great results.