Advantages of being an Invisalign® Diamond Provider?

Invisalign® Diamond Provider

Invisalign® conveniences you a great deal by offering a ranking system with over 40% off in each case lab

If you’ve decided that you’d like to opt to achieve the Diamond tier. You’re in luck in this department as Invisalign® conveniences you a great deal by offering a ranking system with over 40% off in each case lab. This makes users finding a well-experienced Invisalign dental provider a cakewalk!

As with any craft, the more you practice, the more you get better. Orthodontic work is no different. Orthodontists who engage themselves with Invisalign treatment on a regular basis tend to hone their craft better than their peers who deal more with metal braces. Invisalign understands this and ranks its orthodontic service providers accordingly, to advantage their customers.

Invisalign does not attribute just about any orthodontist with the Diamond rating. Only orthodontists who have attended to at least 280-399 Invisalign patients on an annual basis are offered this top-level rating by the dental service developer, Align Technology. With an Invisalign Diamond service provider, customers can rest easy that they are about to be serviced by the most experienced orthodontists to provide the Invisalign dental treatment.


Why patients tend to pick an Invisalign® Diamond provider for their treatment

Customers don’t take orthodontic treatment lightly. Any investment made upon orthodontic treatment will last a lifetime. So patients are recommended to be extra careful and choose only highly professional and expert Invisalign® service providers to cater to customers’ dental problems. Invisalign’s tier level classification and website tool offer customers the facility to promptly search out an experienced Invisalign® provider near them.

When looking for an Invisalign® service provider, customers make it a point to choose individuals and teams with the Diamond ranking. Diamond ranking demarcates the highest level of experience among all of the other tiers of ranking provided by Invisalign®.

It is only natural that customers will also take other considerations such as the fee of the orthodontist, how comfortable and trusting their feel around them, and the customer experience they provide as other yardsticks to help make their decision. Taking Invisalign’s tiered ranking system into account when making the final decision as to which Invisalign® service provider to choose will only help customers arrive at a more informed decision.

Smile Prospect brings Orthodontists the chance to grow and become an Invisalign® Diamond provider and the leader of their location.

Smile Prospect believes in target advertising where it displays the details of nearby Invisalign® Diamond orthodontal service providers to local customers seeking the same. If you are an orthodontist who has recently begun providing Invisalign® treatment to your clients, you can also use Smile Prospect’s expertise in the area, to learn how to climb up in the hierarchy of Invisalign’s tiered service provider ranking system.